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USPS Updates the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) ACS Technical Guide

2019-02-20T13:37:14+00:00 February 20, 2019|

In a January 25, 2019 United States Postal Service® Industry Alert,  the USPS® announced that the Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode (IMpb) ACS™ Technical Guide is now updated to reflect the new Small Parcel Forwarding Fee for Marketing Mail Parcels and Parcel Select Lightweight Parcels.

Molly Fletcher, One of the First Female Sports Agents, to Speak at NPF’s Partnership Recognition Luncheon

2019-02-20T13:36:49+00:00 February 20, 2019|

The 2019 National Postal Forum (NPF) will feature former sports agent, CEO, and author Molly Fletcher as the speaker during its Partnership Recognition Luncheon, which recognizes the industry’s leaders for the innovation in the mail.

GrayHair and Partner to Deliver a New Intelligent Certified Mail® Solution for Large Mailers

2019-01-24T16:15:20+00:00 January 22, 2019|

We are excited to announce that we have just formed a partnership with, a leader in modern Certified Mail® solutions. Together, we have launched a new, first-in-class, intelligent enterprise-focused Certified Mail and analytics solution for large mailers.

Announcing GrayHair’s New Enterprise Address Quality Bundle to Assist Mailers with USPS Changes and Client Communications

2019-01-24T16:16:16+00:00 January 22, 2019|

On January 17, we announced the release of our new proprietary services bundle created specifically for large enterprise mailers and mail service providers with complex mailing operations. GrayHair’s Enterprise Address Quality Bundle features our proprietary address hygiene data and services, postage optimization expertise, and big data capabilities.

Live Webinar: Learn How Large Enterprise Mailers Can Reduce UAA Mail with GrayHair’s New Enterprise Address Quality Bundle

2019-01-24T16:16:33+00:00 January 22, 2019|

On January 27, an important change will take place: the new USPS® price changes will become effective. As a result, now more than ever, achieving the highest level of address quality is critical for mailers with complex mailing operations.

GrayHair Introduces Enterprise Address Quality Bundle to Assist Mailers with USPS Changes and Client Communications

2019-01-23T12:32:52+00:00 January 17, 2019|

GrayHair’s new offering combines the company’s address hygiene services with the postal industry’s best practices to help enterprise-level corporations provide increased business intelligence to enhance the effectiveness and impact of client communications and minimize the impact of the upcoming USPS® rate change.

Case Study: Leading Global Health Company Gets Immeasurable Savings with GrayHair Software

2019-01-24T16:17:31+00:00 December 18, 2018|

One of GrayHair’s clients, a leading global health and well-being company, was faced with a challenge: how to reduce the costs of mailing to a new list consisting of 50 million records. The solution? Enhancing its standard hygiene efforts (consisting of ACS™, COA data, CASS™, and NCOA) with GrayHair’s Universal Address Database (UAD).

Postal Service Names Jacqueline Krage Strako as Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and EVP

2019-01-24T16:14:09+00:00 December 18, 2018|

Postmaster General Megan Brennan announced that Jacqueline (Jakki) Krage Strako has been named Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. In this capacity, Strako is responsible for overseeing all domestic and international product marketing, development and management.

Secure Destruction to be Available for First-Class Flat Mail Starting November 30

2019-01-24T16:18:11+00:00 November 28, 2018|

Last month, the Postal Service announced that Secure Destruction will be available for First-Class flat mail (aka flats) starting November 30. Secure Destruction is a USPS program that allows for First-Class™ undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mailpieces, returned-to-sender mail, to be securely disposed by the USPS.

Attention NAPM Members: Board of Directors Nominations Close on December 21

2019-01-24T16:55:38+00:00 November 28, 2018|

The National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) Board of Directors elections will take place during the organization’s Annual Conference next February. If you’re interested in running for one of the three available positions or in nominating someone, you have until close of business on Friday December 21, 2018.

ATTENTION: ACS Customers with charges flagged as “Unassociated”

2019-01-24T16:21:25+00:00 October 23, 2018|

In our August newsletter, we announced that the USPS was resuming billing ACS™ customers for ACS-related notifications and forwarding services. However, according to a September 28 USPS Industry Alert, some ACS record charges for the July 25 to August 24 period were flagged as “Unassociated,” meaning the USPS could not find any electronic documentation (eDoc) for those pieces, which is a requirement to get ACS records for free.

Postal Service Names Scott Bombaugh Acting Vice President of Engineering Systems

2019-01-24T16:21:45+00:00 October 23, 2018|

The Postal Service announced that Scott Bombaugh has been named Acting Vice President of Engineering Systems. In this capacity, he is “responsible for the design, development, deployment and life cycle support of mail processing systems and associated software, retail and delivery technology and scanning solutions.”