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USPS® Decides To Move Forward With Informed Visibility Rollout

2018-10-09T02:21:57-04:00August 29, 2017|

On Tuesday, August 15, the USPS® sent a letter to legacy tracking subscribers stating it has decided to open up Informed Visibility (IV) to non-pilot participants, effectively ending the pilot. The email went out to all subscribers, even those like ourselves who have already gone through the migration process. The USPS has announced that IMb Tracing® retirement is now November 30, 2017.

GrayHair will continue to work with the USPS and industry partners to resolve remaining IV concerns that include missing data and data latency before converting over to use the new data. We are invested in the success of the program and have dedicated significant time and energy to ensure the standard of data integrity that will not only benefit our customers but future users of the program. The benefits of IV have been written about many times (recently by our VP of Product Management Dylan Purse) and we are looking forward to our continued support of a program towards its end goal of data that is reliable, robust, and provides additional intelligence.

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GrayHair Lends a Helping Hand

2020-10-27T12:51:26-04:00August 24, 2017|

The Unforgotten Haven provides many services to the community. One that touched our hearts was the Snack Packs for Chemo project. This project provided an opportunity for our “family” to make snack bags for adults and children going through chemo treatments. GrayHair truly made this a family event.

In July, we started collecting the snacks to fill our “Snack Packs for Chemo.” By July 26, we ready to get started. GrayHair sponsored a pizza party and asked all team members to bring their kids in for the day to help decorate the bags. They did an outstanding job and had a good time showing off their creative side on the bags. Later, the GrayHair team stuffed the bags and delivered them to the Unforgotten Haven in Blackwood, NJ.

A huge thanks to all who contributed enough snacks to fill more than 60 bags! Take a look at pictures on our Facebook page.

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