Mail Tracking

Designed for Enterprise mailers. Know the delivery impact of each and every mailpiece.

GrayHair’s mail tracking services and business rules help you exceed the industry standard. The largest mailers in the country trust our tracking to make sure their statements and campaigns get to the right person at the right time.

The GrayHair Advantage

Get Unmatched Visibility into Your Mail Stream

Use the Postal Service’s Informed Visibility® data to get valuable insight into your mail stream. Find out when recipients are most receptive to your offers and determine the best days for your mail to be delivered.

Know Exactly Where Your Mail Is

Follow each mailpiece through the postal system, from initial entry to in-home delivery. Pinpoint the location of each mailing and zero in on actual in-home dates.

Make Informed Decisions

Turn your postal data into plans that let you test delivery options, raise response rates, precisely trigger follow-up efforts, and detect potential problems.

Keep Your Confidential Mail Safe

Integrate the USPS’s Secure Destruction service with our mail tracking solution to have your confidential undeliverable mail safely destroyed. Know which letters were destroyed and when.

Get Your Mail into Your Addressees’ Hands

Combine the USPS® ACS with our mail tracking to know when and why mail was undeliverable and, if forwarded, to what address.

Data Visualization
Data Visualization

Our analytics dashboards allow for fast decision making based on visual cues and graphic presentation of your data. Quickly spot patterns and trends with just a glance.

Campaign Visibility

Get fast and powerful insight into your data. Make informed choices without needing to know the exact numerical details.

Campaign Visibility
Interactive Postal Data
Interactive Postal Data

Explore postal data without having to run multiple reports. Questions about your data are answered with just a few clicks.

Delivery Analysis

Access information not easily spotted in traditional reports. Dive deeper to solve problems and identify opportunities. Make data-driven decisions.

Delivery Analysis

In addition to mail tracking, our mail monitoring service will alert you if anything impacts your mailings – from your mail service provider to the USPS, you are covered.