Financial Industry

For financial institutions, a postal address is critical, legal customer data. It is crucial to both compliance and marketing.

Let GrayHair help you combat data erosion and improve the quality of your address data with our address hygiene and mail tracking solutions.

The GrayHair Advantage

  • Use data to predict and mitigate risks
  • Remain compliant with financial regulations, such as the Patriot Act, KYC, AML, and other Compliance Governance Assessments
  • Remain USPS® compliant
  • Maintain data security
  • GrayHair has invested in hardware and software to be FIPS-140-2 compliant
  • Combat data erosion
6 out of the 10 Largest Banks Trust GrayHair

Some of the largest global financial institutions trust GrayHair to help them maintain strict adherence to USPS compliance and financial requirements. We support compliance by identifying fraudulent addresses, PO Boxes, and Private Mail Box residences. GrayHair is experienced in mining address information to identify compliance issues and to detect fraud.

Ensure that your communications reach customers when they are supposed to.

Know when payments and response cards have been mailed.

Know exactly when your mail was sent and received.

Schedule invoices to arrive before the due dates.