IMb Assignment

Fast, Flexible, and Secure IMb Appending. Our IMb Assignment and Management service hands it over to the experts.

Works with your vendors, for any type of mail: over 250 mail service providers use our tool daily. The Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) is the gateway to your mailing data. 

The GrayHair Advantage

Generate and Encode IMbs with Ease
  • Assign Full Service or Basic IMbs to each record on your mailing list.
  • Get support for six- and nine-digit Mailer IDs.
  • Have Mailer ID independence and dynamic management of Service Type ID.
Access Powerful Offerings
  • Take advantage of offerings like standard and proprietary address hygiene processes, ACS, Secure Destruction, and Informed Visibility®.
Stay Compliant Longer
  • Generate IMbs that comply with the USPS® regulations.
  • Keep your IMbs unique longer if needed.
Put Your IMbs in GrayHair’s Hands
  • Let GrayHair handle the entire sequence-number generation.
  • Work with a dedicated GrayHair production support specialist.
  • Get 24/7 access to software that runs behind your firewall.

Intelligent Mail® Barcode – Letters and Flats

IMb Assignment Chart
  • 65 bars reflecting 31 digits of tracking and routing codes
  • Barcode Indicator: 2 digits to define presort level with an optimal endorsement line (OEL)
  • Service Type ID (STID): 3-digit field to identify, ACS services or other electronic services
  • Mailer ID (MID): 6-digit or 9-digit unique mailer identifier based on annual mail volume
  • Unique Serial Number: 6-digit or 9-digit field used to uniquely identify mailpieces
  • Routing Code: 11-digit Delivery Point ZIP Code