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Our Postal Expertise is
Beyond the Norm.

Largest Mail-Tracking Provider in the US
25 Billion Data Touchpoints for our Clients Each Year
Problem Finders and Problem Solvers
No One Does it Like Us

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Why GrayHair?

We’re Trusted by Major Mailers in Finance, Insurance and Retail for:

Customizable Solutions

Years of Postal Analytics Knowledge

Hands-On Enterprise Support

Real-Time Address Hygiene

The Simplest Way to Understand Your Data

Our Solutions Provide Clear Reporting Dashboards Customized to Your
Enterprise Needs

> Custom Report Views

> Data Visualizations Provide Insight through Interactive Dashboards

> Enterprise Customer Support and Management

> Proprietary Address Hygiene Services

Solutions for Every Industry



Mail Service



Trusted Advisor and Partner to Many of the Top Mailers in the US