Mail Service Provider Reseller Program

Put GrayHair’s expertise, technologies and solutions to work for your customers!

The largest mail owners in the world use our services, and so should you.

The GrayHair Advantage

  • Gain access to our proprietary database of Change of Address and undeliverable records, representing mail intelligence from over 500 million consumer records.
  • Monitor and repair new data as it appears in your system.
  • Access powerful address hygiene reports.
  • Produce a definable ROl.

IMb Assignment and Management

A quick and easy IMb assignment and management tool that assigns IMbs to each record on the mailing list.

  • Encodes barcodes that comply with USPS® regulations.
  • No upfront software purchase.
  • GrayHair manages the entire sequence-number generation.
  • Supports IMb uniqueness that exceeds industry standards.

Address Hygiene

Improves the deliverability of your clients’ addresses, gains greater discounts, and provides cleaner mailing lists for future use.

  • Performs CASS, NCOA and proprietary address hygiene processes (optionally).
  • Allows your clients to qualify for postage discounts.
  • Enables your clients to process their lists and update records before mailing.
  • Decreases the number of returned and Undeliverable as Addressed mailpieces.

Mail Tracking & Reporting

  • Offers your clients the ability to track outbound mailings or find the location of a single piece.
  • Provides industry-leading reports.
  • Documents InHome performance and charts progress.
  • Tracks both inbound/outbound pieces.
  • Offers single-piece lookup.

Address Change Service (ACS™)

When a mailpiece is undeliverable for any reason, the returned data, including the reason the mailpiece was not delivered, is available to your clients via our industry-leading reports and data feeds.

  • Provides the ability to set up an ACS data feed sent automatically to clients.
  • Provides the ability to enable Secure Destruction support.
  • Offers business rules that can be defined on a job-by-job basis.
  • Meets USPS® Move Update regulations.