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Are you prepared for the 2019 USPS changes?

2019-01-24T16:17:52-04:00November 30, 2018|

Big changes are coming to the United States Postal Service® in 2019 that will increase costs for mailers across the board. Are you prepared for what the USPS® price change, ACS™ billing, and Addressing Cycle O impacting CASS™, DPV®, NCOALink® and more mean to you and your company? The sooner you are prepared for these changes, the better off you and your business will be.

Secure Destruction to be Available for First-Class Flat Mail Starting November 30

2019-01-24T16:18:11-04:00November 28, 2018|

Last month, the Postal Service announced that Secure Destruction will be available for First-Class flat mail (aka flats) starting November 30. Secure Destruction is a USPS program that allows for First-Class™ undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mailpieces, returned-to-sender mail, to be securely disposed by the USPS.

Attention NAPM Members: Board of Directors Nominations Close on December 21

2019-01-24T16:55:38-04:00November 28, 2018|

The National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) Board of Directors elections will take place during the organization’s Annual Conference next February. If you’re interested in running for one of the three available positions or in nominating someone, you have until close of business on Friday December 21, 2018.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Tried-and-True Mail Metrics

2019-01-24T16:20:55-04:00November 2, 2018|

Data is one of the greatest tools in a marketer’s arsenal, but some metrics are easier to track than others. Email open and click-through rates are available at a glance in real-time and Facebook will neatly package your impressions and engagement on an easy-to-read dashboard. But then there’s direct mail, an often-bigger financial investment that even seasoned pros may not be optimizing to its full potential.