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A Better Approach to Managing Certified Mail

2019-04-17T12:17:31-04:00April 15, 2019|

With the digitization of Certified Mail, the legal and recovery processes can be expedited because you have easy access to information.

Author: Dylan Purse, VP Product Management | GrayHair Software

Certified Mail® is a Postal Service™ ancillary service that gives mailers an official receipt that provides proof that the item was mailed. Most mailers see green when they think about Certified Mail. I don’t mean green with envy; I’m talking about the green in the receipts: PS Form 3800 (Certified Mail Receipt) and PS Form 3811 (Domestic Return Receipt).

One problem with Certified Mail is that it’s cumbersome. There are many manual steps and executing them at any scale is challenging. You have to fill out each form, properly place the barcoded sticker on the envelope in a specific way, and then collect and store the forms when they come back. You have to manage and store all those documents for each piece of Certified Mail because you’ll need the ability to access and retrieve those documents when needed, sometimes years later in the process.

Managing this process for a single envelope can be challenging and managing it at any type of scale, especially at an enterprise level involves multiple batches of these documents

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Are you prepared for the 2019 USPS changes?

2019-01-24T16:17:52-04:00November 30, 2018|

Big changes are coming to the United States Postal Service® in 2019 that will increase costs for mailers across the board. Are you prepared for what the USPS® price change, ACS™ billing, and Addressing Cycle O impacting CASS™, DPV®, NCOALink® and more mean to you and your company? The sooner you are prepared for these changes, the better off you and your business will be.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Tried-and-True Mail Metrics

2019-01-24T16:20:55-04:00November 2, 2018|

Data is one of the greatest tools in a marketer’s arsenal, but some metrics are easier to track than others. Email open and click-through rates are available at a glance in real-time and Facebook will neatly package your impressions and engagement on an easy-to-read dashboard. But then there’s direct mail, an often-bigger financial investment that even seasoned pros may not be optimizing to its full potential.

USPS Delays Move Update Census Assessment

2018-02-14T15:58:27-04:00February 14, 2018|

The USPS is delaying the Move Update Census assessment implementation at least 30 days (maybe longer) since they have linked it to the Green and Secure initiative, which is going through the Federal Register process This gives the mailing industry more time to analyze March mailer scorecards and develop corrective measures for the new Move Update assessment method.

What You Need to Know After January 21: Move Update Census Verification Method

2018-02-06T16:24:09-04:00February 6, 2018|

The new Move Update verification method assesses Mail Service Providers on a monthly basis starting with February data, meaning that, at the beginning of March, invoicing will be issued for any failures under the new verification method. Service providers who have not been looking at their Move Update scores should begin to do so now, so that they don't get surprised by March assessments.

Correct Bad Addressing for Mailing Efficiency and Cost Saving

2017-12-13T10:26:44-04:00December 12, 2017|

Is mail a significant cost center for your organization?  Optimizing the quality of your address data can help you avoid potential waste.

To do so, you’ll need to apply a range of addressing tools, and develop a disciplined management plan which you’ll adjust over time. This plan will enable you to respond to new needs, and will reflect the evolving and improving quality of the data. In an earlier blog post, we reviewed the problems caused by bad data. Here, we’ll review the cost drain, and best practices for improving your data.

Closing the Loop Part 1: Addressing Your Data

2017-12-13T09:39:48-04:00October 25, 2017|

For a majority of businesses, direct mail is the heart of communications: invoicing and remittance, marketing, sales, customer support, and fraud prevention. Address data is the beat of that heart. Correct, complete, current, and compliant addresses are the foundation for cost savings, revenue generation, legal and regulatory compliance, and risk reduction for countless operations.

You need to reach your audiences at the right time, at the lowest possible cost, and to do so requires compliance with increasingly complicated - and sometimes conflicting – USPS®, federal, and industry-based regulations.

If mail is a significant cost center for your organization, and you rely on the postal service, then optimizing the quality of your address data presents an enormous opportunity. The problem and cost of bad data is too large to ignore.

Love Beyond Mail

2018-09-04T11:52:37-04:00October 11, 2017|

When you think ‘GrayHair’, we hope our 400 years of merged postal experience comes to mind. Maybe you think of us as the largest mail tracking company in the world or about our proprietary address cleansing services or our amazing customer service.

If you think of us as “the dog people,” we’ll take it. We are dedicated to our love of dogs, not only when we exhibit at events (a Dog Rescue at every NPF since 2011), but throughout the year by all of our GrayHair team. Here are two examples.

Using Informed Delivery for Marketing

2017-10-02T14:50:57-04:00October 2, 2017|

Nearly everyone is interested in what will be in their mailbox today. Mailers now have the ability to get messages to consumers as they preview their mailbox contents online.

Informed Delivery™ lets consumers digitally preview their mail before it arrives. Each morning, Informed Delivery subscribers receive an email that displays the front of letter-size mail, provided it is processed on automation equipment, showing who the sender is and to whom the letter is addressed. No action from the mailers is necessary to have mailpieces included in this program.

What You Need to Know: The New Proposed Move Update Verification Method

2017-09-25T09:23:39-04:00August 16, 2017|

The USPS® has provided notice of its plan to implement a new Move Update verification method on January 21, 2018, applicable to commercial First-Class™ Letters and Flats, and USPS Marketing Mail® Letters and Flats claiming presort and automation postage rates.

The new Move Update verification method replaces the current MERLIN® PBV sampling method assessment with a new census sampling method – (“the Census method”) to more accurately measure the proportion of pieces mailed that have not been properly updated to reflect a Change of Address (COA) order. The Census method improves upon the MERLIN method by checking all eligible pieces, rather than relying on sampling.

Informed Visibility® Enables New Value for Flats Mailers

2017-10-02T14:16:42-04:00July 12, 2017|

At the National Postal Forum 2017, the USPS® highlighted several exciting programs including the Informed Visibility® (IV®) initiative to the mailing industry. This replacement for IMb Tracing™ and the legacy IV data will give mailers new and enhanced insights into the visibility of their mail. Of particular interest is the enhanced visibility that will be available to flats mailers.

Due to the way in which the USPS processes flats mail and, in particular, Carrier Route-qualified flats mail that bypasses automation, visibility was not possible since that mail only saw manual operations. Informed Visibility will address this gap by supplying new bundle scan events, including associated scans.