GrayHair Software announces partnership with

GrayHair Software announces partnership with


GrayHair Software, the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and mail service providers in the country has announced a partnership with, a leader in modern Certified Mail® solutions since 2010. The partnership is announcing a new, first-in-class, intelligent enterprise-focused Certified Mail and analytics solution for large mailers with RESTful APIs that speed the preparation, tracking and management of Certified Mail end to end. The solution is proven to enable faster execution of legal processes and significant cost savings for mailers. With this partnership, GrayHair is now offering this new intelligent Certified Mail service to its existing enterprise customers, such as large financial organizations, insurance providers, and mail service providers.

“This partnership comes in response to customer requests for a modern, 21st-century solution for Certified Mail”, said Tom McCaully CEO of GrayHair. “We all believe this will be a big upgrade for our customers and prospects as compared to the legacy processes these organizations currently use for Certified Mail, and with our combined solution we are able to provide valuable data insights for even greater business intelligence.”

From Charles Crutchfield, co-founder of “For years, Certified Mail has remained a highly manual and cumbersome administrative task for enterprise, a burden for corporate mail rooms and mail service providers alike. The new intelligent Certified Mail service leverages web technologies to make the most of USPS innovations such as the Return Receipt Electronic and IMpb, enables easy integration through APIs, and includes advanced data quality tools, dashboards and analytics.”

With this partnership, the intelligent enterprise Certified Mail solution delivers significant business benefits to the business owners in several key vertical market applications for Certified Mail:

  • Financial Services: Faster asset recovery in the servicing of mortgages, car loans and other asset-based lending, based on expedited confirmation of delivery and the visibility of Certified Mail items that have not been delivered. Adherence to state requirements and best practices when it comes to the Escheatment process for bank accounts, insurance policies, utility deposits and other unclaimed property.
  • Insurance: Faster proof of receipt of insurance policy cancellation notices for Property and Casualty policies, thus reducing the risk of claims payments on cancelled policies. Notice of Cancellation, Non-renewal and Declination for personal injury and workers’ compensation policies.
  • Legal Solutions: Integrated dashboards that track the receipt of all client correspondence both IMb™ and Certified Mail to provide a complete client communication archive to quickly resolve legal disputes.
  • Mail Service Providers (MSPs): Mail tracking dashboards that provide a unified view of IMb mail and Certified Mail, highlight delivered and undelivered mail, move updates, UAA, and more, and turn Certified Mail into a profitable revenue generator that can help make up for reduced First-Class Mail® volume.

About GrayHair Software

GrayHair is the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and mail service providers in the country. GrayHair solutions deliver insights and decision-ready business intelligence that enable its clients to define best mailing practices, enhance customer engagement, increase response rate, and decrease cost per acquisition. With GrayHair, mailers gain the guidance and confidence of 200+ years of collective postal experience and an ally with an understanding of the postal industry’s nuances. GrayHair is the advantage for marketing agencies, mail service providers, and mailers in the finance, insurance, retail, non-profit, and utilities industries. For more information, visit

About is an enterprise focused company, with a web-based platform that greatly simplifies the process of preparing, sending, tracking, archiving and accounting for USPS Certified Mail®. Three production platforms (Desktop, Batch and Web Services via APIs) run on the same application and can be used simultaneously. The Company prides itself on innovations that have made Certified Mail® more efficient and cost effective, and for providing a high level of customer service. The service is used by enterprise accounts in a wide variety of industries. For more information visit

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