On January 17, we announced the release of our new proprietary services bundle created specifically for large enterprise mailers and mail service providers with complex mailing operations. GrayHair’s Enterprise Address Quality Bundle features our proprietary address hygiene data and services, postage optimization expertise, and big data capabilities.

Achieving the highest levels of address quality is critical for mail operations as well as enterprises as a whole, as the impact of a bad address has several implications:

  • Increased postage and production costs (returned mail and reproduction).
  • Loss of revenue opportunity (marketing mail).
  • Increased regulatory risk (postal, state and federal).
  • Negative effect on client satisfaction and retention (inquiries and expectations from failed communications).

Highlights of the Enterprise Address Quality Bundle include:

  • Marketing Mail ROI Optimization
  • Point of Entry Address Validation
  • Operational Mail Risk Mitigation
  • Postage Spend Optimization
  • Return Mail Operations Optimization
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Big Data for Postal

To learn more about the Enterprise Address Quality Bundle, please visit our web site at Also mark your calendars for Thursday, February 7, 2019, for a webinar where our postal experts review the bundle. Sign up here.


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