slider1In the November issue, we wrote about how a small number of criminals have used the Postal Service’s Informed Delivery to find targets for credit card fraud. Since then, the Postal Service issued a statement on these cases.

“It is important to note that Postal Service customer identities are not compromised by using the Informed Delivery feature,” says the Postal Service. “The fraud referred to is a matter of identity theft that has already been perpetrated by a criminal.” The statement goes on to say that, “The Postal Service’s Informed Delivery is in full compliance with federal privacy laws and was launched in close coordination with USPS’ Privacy Office, the Corporate Information Security Office, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, whose sole mandate is to safeguard the entire Postal Service system.”

Customers who want to report a potentially fraudulent Informed Delivery account or to block their address can either:

  1. Report online at The link can also be accessed from the Informed Delivery email digest (user support) or dashboard (email support).
  2. Or call Technical Support at 1-800-344-7779.

It is illegal to create a fraudulent Informed Delivery account and it is punishable by law.

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