Address Quality Services

Fortify standard address hygiene with our Proprietary Address Hygiene Solutions.

GrayHair’s address quality services help you significantly improve your overall address quality. These services will help at multiple stages of the mailing process – from cleansing your database before a mailing, to capturing the data of any return-mail issues.

The GrayHair Advantage

  • Reduce undeliverable mail (some mailers reach <0.25%)
  • Reduce your operational budget
  • Improve ROl
  • Comply with Move Update and USPS® mandates
  • Ensure consistent application of business rules across operations and vendors
  • Interactive as well as Batch processing (including Just In Time) 

Real-Time Address Verification

Is your client’s address the right address? Our address verification solution, VerifyAQ, ensures that your data is clean and correct. Built by leading postal data architects, it delivers accurate addresses for use during website submission and data verification with a customer. This verified customer information is accurate for future communications such as requested account details, packages, invoices, and other vital information. You’ll also be able to identify address characteristics that keep addresses compliant for their intended use.


Suppression helps you target your mail and get it into the right hands by removing from your list the records of people who can’t be customers. Suppression is just one more way that GrayHair helps you clean your mailing lists. Our Suppression Service identifies and suppresses records on your lists that match the following suppression files.


DMA Suppression

Avoid sending mail to people who don’t want it. We identify and suppress records on the DMA’s Do-Not-Mail database, a list of people who have indicated that they don’t want advertising mail. The list is updated monthly.


Deceased Suppression

Avoid sending mail to the deceased. We use the DMA ’s database to identify and suppress the records of deceased individuals in your list.


Prison Suppression

Avoid sending mail to people in prison. We identify and suppress records that are addressed to state prisons, federal prisons, and other correctional facilities.