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As a mail owner, you need to ensure that your mailings are reaching your clients at the right time and at the right location. Use all elements of GrayHair’s mail tracking, including address hygiene and postage reconciliation, to know exactly when your mail was delivered to and by the USPS®.

What We Offer


IMb Assignment and Management

Generate Intelligent Mail® barcodes and keep them unique beyond the standard. Supported by a dedicated, knowledgeable client services representative. Learn More >


Standard Address Hygiene

Empower yourself to cut the high cost of mailing. Both standard and proprietary solutions will improve the quality of your addresses, stop bad addresses from going to print, and keep you compliant with USPS®Learn More >


Mail Tracking

Give yourself the power to track each and every mailpiece to its final destination. Gain valuable insight into your outbound and inbound mail. Learn More >


Proprietary Address Hygiene

Use enhanced data and analysis to update addresses, identify known bad addresses, and universally apply business rules to ensure compliance with industry regulations and business best practices. Learn More >


Data Visualization

Access fast and powerful business intelligence reports through our visual dashboards. Learn More >


Address Quality Services

Improve communications with your clients and prospects with additional address quality services. Learn More >


Postal Support and Consulting

Partner with a team of experts with unsurpassed postal knowledge. Get incomparable customer support that is always there when you need it. Learn More >


Move Update Compliance

Stay Move-Update compliant and get protection from Move Update assessments. Learn More >


Certified Mail Service

Reduce the time and money it takes to prepare and send Certified Mail with an automated and streamlined process. Learn More >

Powerful Reporting and Visual Analytics

Go from postal data to useful insights in minutes.


Fast decisions can be made based on near real-time alerts, updates, and visual clues.


GrayHair’s Visual Analytics puts the power of simplicity into your hands.

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Our dashboards and data stories make exploring data fast and easy.

Postal Support and Consulting

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Over 200 Years of Collective Postal Experience

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Postage Reconciliation

Our managed Postage Reconciliation service reconciles your USPS® postage charges with data provided from your Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) account. The service simplifies the postage reconciliation process for mail owners by enabling electronic receipt and comparison of Mail.dat files and mail service provider reports.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides information on postage spend and any potential discrepancies.
  • Provides access to detailed on-demand reports.
  • Identifies mischarges, reduces risk mitigation, and cuts reconciliation time and effort.
  • Provides a secure and auditable data format.