Move Update Compliance

Keep your mail correct, complete, current, and – most importantly – compliant.

Our postal knowledge and experience will ensure that you stay compliant. GrayHair’s experts monitor the changes that occur in the industry and program so you never have to worry about what could happen.

The GrayHair Advantage

Hands-On Experience and Support to Eliminate Worry and Issues

  • Remove the risk of millions of dollars in fines, and loss of jobs.
  • Changed output options to assist in identifying mailing discounts possibilities.
  • Review qualified First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® to ensure they meet the Move Update requirement for updating mailpieces within a window of 95 days before the mailing date using the USPS-approved methods.

What has Changed with Move Update?

The Postal Service has moved to a Census-based Move Update to replace the existing method, MERLIN® sampling. The current method works by running a sample of your mailing through a USPS® MERLIN machine and identifying any issues prior to accepting the mailing. This allows you to fix any identified issues before your mail is processed. With the new Census method, your level of compliance will be checked as your mail is being processed. This will put you at risk of being out of compliance, and with that comes the threat of possible fines.

Requirements for Move Update

Applies to all Standard Mail® and Discounted First-Class Mail®; excludes Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter. Once the eDoc Submitter is considered a Full-Service mailer by the Postal Service, all eligible mail is subject to the new Move Update method.

Each mailing address used on mailpieces must be updated within a window of 95 days before the mailing date using one of the USPS-approved methods.