Standard Address Hygiene

Standard Postal Industry Address Hygiene that goes beyond the standard. GrayHair’s experience, plus CASS, NCOA, and ACS, improves the quality of your addresses.

GrayHair provides the address hygiene services that you need to keep your data correct, complete, and compliant. But, with GrayHair, you benefit from the experience of our seasoned, unique thinkers that will take the standard and make it anything but standard.

The GrayHair Advantage

  • Benefit from our enterprise understanding and support.
  • Get best practices for address hygiene backed by our addressing expertise.
  • Cut your paper, processing, and postage costs.
  • Stop incorrect addresses from going to print.
  • Get accurate and timely address change updates.
  • Improve mail deliverability and response rates.
  • Stay compliant with USPS® and other regulations.
  • Qualify for and maximize postage discounts.


Stop incorrect addresses from going to print. Millions of Americans move every year and many do not file a Change of Address (COA) with the USPS. These outdated addresses increase your paper and postage costs. They also keep you from staying Move Update compliant and from getting USPS discounts.

Our Standard USPS Address Hygiene service uses CASS and NCOA across business units to help you use the latest information to update your address data, improve the quality of your addresses, and reduce Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail.

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Get the address hygiene data you need to improve addressing and response rates by integrating GrayHair’s mail tracking with the USPS ACS address change service. GrayHair can collect and store address-change and undeliverable-mail data and forward it to you, giving you accurate and timely address updates.

Use this data to identify records to be redirected or suppressed. GrayHair’s proprietary business rules, which can be defined on a job-by-job basis, let you generate detailed reports that enable you to use best practices for address quality.

Secure Destruction

Keep your confidential mail safe by integrating USPS’s Secure Destruction service with our mail tracking solution. Instead of having your First Class undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail returned to you and incurring the costs of destroying it yourself, have your UAA mail securely destroyed by the USPS. Postal employees at secured facilities use industrial cross-cut shredders to make your mail unreadable. The shredded material is then recycled.