Informed Delivery 

Access postal insights in minutes. Manage USPS® Informed Delivery data smarter with GrayHair.

Reports, dashboards, and lookup tools that give meaningful insight into your Informed Delivery data, integrated into one single solution.

The GrayHair Advantage

  • Integrated into the mail tracking report platform
  • Streamline reporting and analysis through a single solution
  • Gain access to GrayHair’s postal experts
  • Manage reports showing the scope and reach of an Informed Delivery campaign within mailing metrics and Informed Delivery-generated behavior patterns like email opens and click-throughs by day of week
  • Standard, automated data feed providing all of the Informed Delivery events (opens, click-throughs, etc.) across all active campaigns
  • Visibility of Informed Delivery events at the mailpiece level through our Single Piece Lookup

View Informed Delivery Data with GrayHair Mail Tracking Reports

Today the process for mailers to manage and analyze Informed Delivery campaign data and metrics is very manual. It requires multiple steps to synthesize various data streams to formulate the data into meaningful insights.

GrayHair offers a set of reports and lookup tools that provides mailers visibility into who received the custom images, when they opened those emails, and if and when they clicked through the link. In addition, data feed options are available to provide mailers with this information tied back to mailpieces to identify data that will allow them to perform additional tracking and reporting.

Additionally, mailers rely on their service providers to manage their Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMbs) and many times do not store or have access to them. The Informed Delivery data is made available only at the IMb™ level and without that identifier tied to other internal identifiers such as account numbers. Mailers find that without GrayHair’s help, they have no way to match the Informed Delivery data back to anything meaningful.

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What Is Informed Delivery?

The USPS® allows mailers to customize an image and provide a click-through link in their Informed Delivery program. The program sends an email to consumers each morning with black and white images of mailpieces that will be delivered to them that day. In the background, the USPS is capturing data around email opens and click-through events from all of the users. Subsequently, the USPS will make the email campaign analytics available to mailers for their own data analysis and reporting purposes.

Benefits of the USPS Informed Delivery Program

More and more consumers are signing up for Informed Delivery due to convenience. The program gives them the ability to preview incoming mail and track packages without stepping outside to go to the mailbox. This is especially convenient for consumers who utilize a P.O. Box™. Whether they are checking their daily Informed Delivery email or using the app, consumers are looking at their incoming mail every day. This is the perfect opportunity for you as a mailer to take the extra step and promote your business. In a world of black and white mailpiece images, your business can stand out with custom-colored ads.

How Businesses Can Get Started Using Informed Delivery

GrayHair’s team of postal experts are here to support you in your efforts to leverage Informed Delivery and assist you in your participation. Download our article, Advantages of Informed Delivery for Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers, to learn more about how to start the process and get the most out of your data. Contact us today for more information or to request an appointment with one of our postal experts by calling 866-507-9999.