In this webinar join GrayHair’s experts for a discussion on the current state of the USPS Informed Delivery Program. Since its launch in 2017, the program has grown to be a vital component of marketers and mailers campaigns and allows matching of real-time mail delivery with digital touchpoints.

GrayHair’s Josh McCaully, Managing Director of Solutions Architecture and Everette Mills, Director of Technical Product Management will detail the current state of the Informed Delivery (ID) program, the benefits that mail owners and mail service providers can take away from ID and how GrayHair now provides streamlined access and analysis of ID data in its mail tracking system.

The webinar will provide attendees with an:

  • Overview of the current ID Program
  • Details on how to enable the program in your current options
  • Benefits for mailers, marketers and service providers
  • Overview of GrayHair’s enablement of ID data into their data visualizations
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