Possible Firmer Financial Footing for USPS®

Possible Firmer Financial Footing for USPS®


On March 16, 2017, the House Oversight Committee approved two bipartisan bills aimed at putting the USPS® on better financial footing. The House Oversight Committee passed the bills by voice vote.

Some changes were made to the Postal Service™ by one of the bills; changes include:

  • Automatically enrolling eligible USPS retirees in Medicare;
  • Making reforms to the Postal Service’s governance;
  • Bolstering the use of centralized delivery, which many in our industry have concerns with;
  • Allowing the USPS to increase postal rates by 2.15% including a 1 cent increase for a First-Class™ stamp; and
  • Providing non-postal services to state and local governments.

Democrats and Republicans alike praised the bipartisan nature of the billed. The postal worker unions, FedEx, Amazon and Verizon are all backing the bill. There are free-market groups raising opposition to the measure, arguing it could end up making the problems faced by the USPS worse.

Additional information is available from the Oversite Committee Press Release

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