APTech Webinar – Aug 2020 – website

The “town hall” style online meeting was led by postal affairs expert, Leo Raymond, Managing Director of Mailers Hub, and discussed the biggest postal issues that will impact our industry. How will the Postmaster General’s proposed USPS® budget cuts impact service? Will rates increase again? Is the USPS headed toward privatization? What would that mean for you and your business?

Mail and Print practitioners on the webinar included:

  • Arthur Sackler, Executive Director, National Postal Policy Council
  • Julie Hennek, Vice President, Sales, Bolger
  • Rose Flanagan, Manager of Postal Strategies, Data-Mail
  • Kurt Ruppel, Director Postal Policy, IWCO Direct
  • Angelo Anagnostopoulos, VP Postal Affairs, GrayHair Software

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