Pallet Monitor

Giving mail owners and mail service providers visibility into the delivery of their mailings.

Pallet Monitor is a platform with a set of dashboards and reports from GrayHair that leverages the USPS® Informed Visibility® container scan data to provide visibility into pallet mailings. Pallet Monitor dashboards provide insight into the status of each container and handling unit associated with your entire mailing campaign.

The GrayHair Advantage

  • Active alerting to bring to your attention to issues that have the potential to disrupt outcomes
  • Interactive dashboards that allow you to see an overall summary and drill down to actionable information
  • Identify mail delivery issues as they occur regardless of whether it is at the pallet, tray, or piece level

Detect Unexpected Events

Today mailers and mail service providers are not able to gain visibility into the mail delivery process through traditional tracking solutions until the point at which the USPS starts scanning individual pieces. There are a number of processes and steps that occur prior to this point that can slow or stall the delivery process.  

Also, problems that occur in these early pallet handling stages typically do not show up at all in the piece-level tracking data and reporting. The only hint of problems is a lack of events which is hard to recognize.

It’s better to be proactive than reactive. Pallet Monitor can detect late arrivals, early arrivals, rejected entries, and incorrect locations in the early pallet handling stages. Armed with this information, users have the opportunity to take action, identify the actions that need to be made, and take the necessary steps to ensure that things get back on track. 

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Dashboards & Reporting

Pallet Monitor consists of a series of reports and dashboards that will provide visibility into the status of each container and handling unit associated with any mailing. Included in the offering will be exception-based reports and alerts that will highlight events that have the potential to delay or prevent mail delivery. 

USPS Entry Issues Alerting 

– Detect late and early arrivals

– Failed or rejected entries

– Incorrect Location Arrivals

Operational Issues

– Facility Shutdown / Redirection

– Logistics processing delays

– Events in unexpected locations

USPS Processing Anomalies

– Missing events

– Conflicting events