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GrayHair has been supporting marketing and postal operations in major industries with high-value customer communications and business mail for close to 20 years. We work with the largest global financial service and insurance companies, government agencies, retailers, non-profits, and more, tailoring solutions and sharing best practices.



New competitors, multi-generational upheaval, disruptive technologies, new communication channels, and ever more demanding compliance requirements of KYC and others have fundamentally challenged banking’s traditional customer interactions and marketing models. Risk and compliance are part of the business strategy, not add-ons.

Through it all the customer’s address continues to be a staple of marketing and compliance. GrayHair supports some of the largest global financial services companies in the US with direct mail, digital communication, and compliance solutions focused on customer-centric communications.



Federal and state regulatory compliance is always evolving. But the policyholder’s address continues to be a staple of insurance communications. GrayHair supports some of the largest insurance companies in the US with direct mail, digital communication and compliance solutions focused on customer-centric communications.



The web has changed the way retailers connect with their customers and how their customers connect with them. Customers expect next day delivery so shipping and billing data need to be pristine. We support omnichannel marketing efforts and digital interactions to optimize delivery to the right address with our address verification and hygiene services.



Capital campaigns, fundraising programs, and donor communications are critical to a non-profit’s success. We work with non-profits and their service providers to track the campaigns and help improve the results through our proven expertise and solutions.



Billing, home energy programs, and other regulatory communications, such as rate increases, are at the core of a utility company’s high-value communications. With an estimated 1.4 million people moving every month across the US, keeping the addresses and account information accurate can be a challenge and cause for penalties and fines. We know how to combat the data erosion, save money and support digital integration to keep you connected to your customers.



We have solutions for local, state and federal agencies for highly regulated mail, benefits payments, absentee ballot management, and other communications. Our tracking provides visibility into the complex delivery network of the USPS Military mail and supports fraud mitigation efforts and more.

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