Informed Delivery® data from the USPS® available within GrayHair’s enterprise mail tracking system, fully automated with intuitive lookup tools and sophisticated dashboards and reports.

August 19, 2020 (Philadelphia) – GrayHair Software, the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and data quality services to the largest enterprise mailers and mail service providers (MSPs) in the country, today announces it has enhanced its mail tracking capabilities to automate the process of accessing Informed Delivery® (ID) data directly from the USPS® and ingesting it into its enterprise tracking system. Mailers and mail service providers can now track and match the Informed Delivery data with real-time mail tracking insights down to the single mailpiece, all on one integrated mail tracking system.

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Prior, the ability to capture and analyze the Informed Delivery campaign data and metrics was very manual and difficult to manage. It required multiple steps to normalize various data streams and formulate the data into meaningful business insights. GrayHair’s mail tracking system offers a set of reports and lookup tools that provides mailers visibility into who received the custom images or display ad in their Informed Delivery email, when they opened those emails, and if and when they clicked through the link. In addition, data feed options are available to provide mailers with this information tied back to mailpiece data that will allow them to perform additional tracking and analysis and determine the return on investment of leveraging Informed Delivery insights. 

The Informed Delivery data from the IV-MTR system provides the mailer the ID event information, such as, was the ID active, did the consumer receive the email and when, and any email click-through information. Through the GrayHair tracking system, mailers will know exactly what recipients are receiving their mail and their Informed Delivery emails so the mailer can append this data to their attribution models and have greater visibility.

The USPS Informed Delivery program sends an email to consumers each morning with information on mailpieces that will be delivered to them that day. The email contains either a black and white image of each mailpiece or the mailer can choose to replace it with a customized image and a click-through link. This creates multiple touchpoints that improve response and ROI. In the background, the USPS is gathering consumer insights around email opens and click-through events from all of the subscribers. The USPS will make the email campaign analytics available to mailers for their own data analysis and reporting purposes.

“We are excited to enhance our leading mail tracking system with Informed Delivery insights,” said Tom McCaully, Chief Executive Officer of GrayHair Software. “GrayHair has always been focused on helping mailers increase the success of their marketing campaigns with rich data. Informed Delivery data and our mail tracking system offers our customers the ability to synchronize individual physical pieces and digital consumer engagement on a single platform.”

With GrayHair’s enterprise mail tracking solution, mailers and mail service providers are able to monitor mailings from the initial handoff of pieces, to induction into the postal facilities, and then final delivery by the USPS. Clients will be alerted of issues earlier in the process when there is more time to react and make better business decisions.

Informed Delivery data with GrayHair’s mail tracking system, includes:

  • Visual reports showing the scope and reach of an Informed Delivery campaign within mailing metrics and Informed Delivery-generated behavior patterns like email opens and click-throughs by day of week
  • Automated data feed providing all of the Informed Delivery events (opens, click-throughs, etc.) across all active campaigns
  • Visibility of Informed Delivery events at the mailpiece level through our Single Piece Lookup

To learn more about Informed Delivery and how it benefits enterprise mailers and mail service providers, contact GrayHair Software by visiting and downloading our product sheet.

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