Merchandise Return Service (MRS) and Scan Based Payment (SBP) are scheduled to be retired on August 28, 2020. All mailers must be migrated to USPS Returns® to continue using USPS return service programs. This impacts Priority Mail Return Service, First-Class Package Return Service, Ground Return Service, and Parcel Return Service Full Network. usps deadlines

USPS Returns® leverages upgraded Mail Processing Equipment (MPE) to capture weight and dimensions to expedite processing and enable consistent accurate pricing. This upgraded infrastructure enables USPS to price each package individually. By pricing each package individually, this enables USPS to provide package level detail for pricing, eliminate all manual pricing activities, and return packages directly to shippers timely. 

Legacy Merchandise Return Service labels will be accepted for a short period of time after the retirement of MRS. Shippers will be given advance notice of when the grace period will end.  After that time, USPS expects that shippers will be fully migrated and transitioned to the new USPS Returns labels. The existence of legacy labels is not a valid reason to request an exemption from migration to USPS Returns. Shippers should not order and should discontinue printing any legacy MRS labels immediately. 

We encourage you to complete the migration before the deadline of August 28, 2020.

Further information on USPS Returns can be found on PostalPro. For information on how this will impact your business, contact the postal experts at GrayHair by visiting

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