Find out when registered voters like to receive their ballots by accessing postal analytical data to determine the best in-home delivery dates for your Vote By Mail campaign. GrayHair’s mail tracking solution will chart exactly when voter ballots were sent and delivered so you can identify patterns and trends that will make your mailing successful.VBM_election mail ballot tracking

Whether you’re sending political mail, voter ballots, or time-sensitive voter information, you want to ensure that your registered voter mailings are being delivered in a timely manner. Gone are the days of guessing whether your voter ballot mailings will make it to the right place. Enhance your voter participation rates and improve your vote by mail communications.

GrayHair’s Key Advantages:

  • Receive valuable mail tracking insight into your vote by mail program for both outbound and inbound ballots
  • Know the when and why behind any voter ballots that are undeliverable
  • Follow each voter ballot mailpiece through the postal system and zero in on actual in-home dates
  • Over 20 years of experience understanding and implementing USPS® and regulatory compliance
  • The industry’s most secure data server that is SOC 2 compliant and adheres to CCPA requirements

Learn how GrayHair’s mail tracking solutions will help you gain a better understanding of your overall vote by mail campaigns and improve their performance. Contact us today to schedule time with one of our postal experts.

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