On April 3, 2020, an Industry Alert was published stating that the publication of CASS Cycle O requirements and implementation schedule would be postponed until after the country resumed normal work activities as a result of COVID-19. Time

Delays in finalizing CASS Cycle O requirements and the publication of an updated timeline has resulted in insufficient time available for the mailing industry to plan their development resources and secure required funding to meet an August 2021 implementation date. Therefore, the Postal Service has determined that the CASS Cycle O implementation schedule will be rescheduled to a new implementation date of August 1, 2022. The current CASS Cycle N will be extended until July 31, 2022.

The Postal Service™ will continue to work with Industry leaders to update the final requirements related to Address Quality / CASS Cycle O and the new timeline to support an August 2022 implementation date.

The Mailers Technical Advisory Committee’s (MTAC) Task Team 29 was created to review and update CASS Cycle O to ensure the timely resolution, design, and final requirements related to Address Quality Cycle O changes. The Task Team’s recommendations will be reviewed at a future date.

Although the implementation date is delayed, it’s crucial for companies to be prepared. Make sure you have the best address quality practices in place before 2022 approaches, Contact GrayHair Software today to schedule a consultation with our postal experts by calling 856-727-9372 or emailing info@grayhairsoftware.com

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