As of February 1, 2020, the USPS® will begin sending outreach letters and emails to customers still using permits linked to CAPS accounts who mail flats/letters only. The USPS is looking to retire CAPS and will be migrating customers to the new Enterprise Payment System (EPS). Enhanced security and product maintainability are the driving forces behind the migration.


Customers with zero activity within the last 12 months through their CAPS permit will be given until April 3, 2020, to self-migrate to EPS before their permit is closed. Those customers that have active debit and active trust permits will have until May 1, 2020, to migrate before closure. 

The EPS allows customers to pay for postal products and services through a single account, known as the Enterprise Payment Account (EPA). Not only is it more secure, but it also makes funding more convenient. 

Some of the benefits of using EPS include:

  • Automatically pay annual fees from EPA
  • Self-service customer experience
  • Intuitive and interactive mailing reports
  • Fund as ACH Debit or Trust

To learn more about the EPS and how to get started, click here

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