The Postal Service™ has added a new feature to all blue standard and Priority Mail® Express collection box labels. Beginning January 14, 2020, Quick Response (QR) codes have been added to collection boxes to provide customers with nearby Post Office™ information.

mailbox QR codes

How to Use the New QR Codes

Customers can scan the QR codes on their collection boxes with the camera on their mobile smart devices. The QR code can also be scanned through the USPS® Mobile application, Informed Delivery application, or any other QR code scanning application available. Once scanned, the customer will be directed to “Find a Post Office,” which will display 10 nearby Post Offices in proximity to that collection box. 

The information the customer will see:

  • Post Office addresses
  • Hours of operation
  • Distance and directions to selected Post Office 

The QR code is one of the many additions in the Postal Service’s effort to enhance mailing and shipping convenience for customers. 

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