As of November 13, 2019, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) ruled that the Postal Service’s proposed First-Class Mail™ rates are not in compliance with price cap requirements. The Postal Service originally calculated the percentage change rates for First-Class Mail to be 1.926 percent. However, using the Postal Service’s proposed prices, the PRC found that the percentage change in rates would actually be 2.109 percent. This exceeds the total price adjustment authority of 1.933 percent. 

Due to the remand, the Postal Service™ will need to resubmit proposals for First-Class Mail prices and rates. You can view further details regarding the remand by clicking here

We are hearing that the USPS will be making adjustments to the presort rates and leaving single piece and meter prices as originally proposed. We should be seeing a new filing in the next week with the PRC for approval. These competitive prices have already been approved and the rest of the pricing will come out as a separate decision. It is possible that the PRC will hold off on approving all marketing dominant prices all together until they receive the revised First-Class prices.

GrayHair is staying on top of the changes that are taking place within the USPS. If you have any questions in navigating the postal system, reach out to one of our experts by calling 866-507-9999.

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