Leveraging visualization technology and address hygiene data to ensure mailpieces are successfully delivered to donors.

July 11, 2019 (Philadelphia) – GrayHair Software, the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and mail service providers in the country, today announces the availability of its Mail Tracking for non-profits, designed to improve donor communication campaign performance. The GrayHair solution provides address quality service with the ability to monitor and manage an organization’s entire mailstream and know exactly when mail was sent and delivered to their donor audience. 

The ability to track and understand when delays or obstructions have occurred with a mailpiece allows non-profits to be proactive to ensure that they reach their fundraising targets. Additionally, the quality of the addresses is an important detail of any non-profit mailing campaign to ensure fundraising goals are not only met but exceeded. Mailing to an invalid or incorrect address is not only a waste of costs but also a loss of communication with and potential contributions from that donor.

Carolyn Angelini, Director of Resource and Supplier Relations at Production Solutions Inc, said, “GrayHair provides us not only invaluable insight into our clients’ mail but also opens up visibility into the history of their campaigns allowing us to provide recommendations for future improvements.

Production Solutions, a mail service provider in the non-profit industry, in partnership with GrayHair was able to implement a program to track and monitor inbound mail which allowed for detailed cash flow planning. This allows Production Solutions to give their fundraising customers the ability to drive to their donation goals with real data and visibility.  

“Fundraising is a critical activity for every non-profit organization. Ensuring good communication with donors is important because it involves asking individuals for donations. Knowing the status of the communication, and having visibility as to when contributions will be received from donors is key to the success of any fundraising campaign.” says Tom McCaully, CEO of GrayHair Software. 

According to the Blackbaud Institute in 2018, overall charitable giving in the United States increased 1.5% on a year-over-year basis. Large organizations grew by 2.3%; medium organizations increased by 2%, and small non-profits experienced a decrease of 2.3% compared to the same time period in 2017. Since 2016, overall giving has grown 9%.

GrayHair’s mail tracking service informs users when mail is delivered to the USPS® and then the tracks that mail – down to the individual piece – to the final destination. Non-profits can use this information to more effectively manage call centers, trigger an email follow-up, and measure responses. GrayHair tools provide the ability to chart delivery progress to the single piece level, leveraging industry-leading analytics tools to provide performance reports and geolocation to show the location and status of each mailpiece.

MailTrak, a managed service, is driven through the U.S. Postal Service® Informed Visibility® and uses the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) to provide valuable insight on the delivery of your mail. This information is delivered via the most sophisticated suite of analytics tools available, which collects, organizes, and distills millions of data points into actionable items. Mail owners receive unprecedented mailstream visibility, vendor accountability, and in-home delivery management. 

GrayHair provides services for some of the largest non-profits in the country including AARP, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Smile Train, Covenant House, and Paralyzed Veterans of America. 

About GrayHair Software 

GrayHair is the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and mail service providers in the country. GrayHair solutions deliver insights and decision-ready business intelligence that enable its clients to define best mailing practices, enhance customer engagement, increase response rates, and decrease cost per acquisition.  With GrayHair, mailers gain the guidance and confidence of 200+ years of collective postal experience and an ally with an understanding of the postal industry’s nuances. GrayHair is the advantage for marketing agencies, mail service providers, and mailers in the finance, insurance, retail, non-profit, and utilities industries.

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