The 2019 National Postal Forum (NPF) was held at the Indianapolis Convention Center earlier this month. During Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan’s keynote address, she talked about the Postal Service’s commitment to business customers and to innovation.

In her keynote address, PMG Brennan gave Informed Delivery, which now has 2,000 business users, as an example of this commitment and of digital’s potential. “This is a powerful offering that moves the mail recipient closer to making the purchase,” Brennan said. There are currently 16.4 million registered user and the Postal Service wants increase that number to 40 million by the end of 2020 partly by including package integration. “This will provide a powerful new means of engaging for both package senders and recipients.”

The PMG also spoke about the Postal Service commitment to helping the nation’s businesses get a greater return on mail and package delivery investment. Said Brennan, “We leverage our information infrastructure to empower our business customers with the right data, at the right time so they can reach the right consumers, and so that those consumers can make the most informed purchasing decisions.”

The theme for NPF this year was “Growth Driven: Fueling Your Mailing and Shipping Success” and our GrayHair’s postal experts participated in many of the educational sessions.  We conducted our first topical, informative in-booth sessions in our GrayHair Knowledge Center, also presented by our postal experts.

We hope you got the chance to speak with one of our postal experts and received a demo of our industry-leading data visualization tool. GrayHair Software works with the largest mailers in the country. Our customers include global financial service companies, insurance companies, and today’s leading mail service providers. We offer solutions designed to help organizations determine and effectively synchronize mail campaigns to increase response through analysis of delivery and cost performance, as well as digital channel integration. GrayHair is comprised of experts in direct marketing, postal logistics, tracking, and postal operations.

GrayHair’s Key Advantages:

  • Proven experience working with the largest mailers across multiple industries
  • Industry insights partnering with leading marketers, agencies and vendors
  • Get the information you need to determine best in-home date deliver

We’re looking forward to seeing you at NPF next year!

 We distributed our Quick Reference Postal Guides at the NPF. If you missed getting one or if you did get one but want more, here’s a link to the PDF version


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