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Providing Online Retailers with Deliverable Shipping Addresses, Reducing Product Returns and Shipping Costs, While Improving the Customer Experience

May 6, 2019 (Philadelphia) – GrayHair Software, the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and printers in the country, today announces the availability of its VerifyAQ, a real-time address correction engine for the retail industry.

Whether you collect address information online, in call centers, or in-store, you want to make sure the data you collect is accurate and that the experience is as simple as possible for your staff and your customers. VerifyAQ ensures that every field is formatted correctly and that the address actually exists in the USPS® database. Now  customer address errors can be fixed on the spot, prior to shipping; saving time, money and ensuring the product orders are delivered on time.

According to market search firm Statista, in 2017, U.S. product return delivery costs amounted to 381 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 550 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. Worse, that number doesn’t include restocking expenses or inventory losses.

While robust address capture methods can help eliminate a lot of these errors, mistakes still get made — and when they do, packages are returned and companies are usually left to pay the postage and shipping fees. VerifyAQ is designed to ensure your customer orders are delivered to the right person at the right place.

“Online retailers are always looking for ways to cut costs, improve marketing efficiency, reduce shipping expenses and minimize order returns. With VerifyAQ, you have the ability to ensure accurate customer address data every time, helping you to reduce addressing errors which leads to fewer order returns, reduced shipping costs and ultimately increased revenues,” says Scott Kushner, Chief Operating Officer, GrayHair Software.

By ensuring you collect only accurate data, VerifyAQ address correction engine connects to your current system helping you to increase efficiency and accuracy, while reducing costs.

VerifyAQ is a solution for providing real-time validation of customers’ addresses and data that enables anyone from your IT, Customer Service, Finance or Compliance areas to get the right information at the right time. Built by leading data architects, VerifyAQ delivers the most improved data accuracy for use in delivery applications, ecommerce/website and in-store kiosks, compliance audits and address/data hygiene during customer communications.

Using VerifyAQ will ensure your CRM or customer database is accurate so that you can deliver requested information, packages, account details or invoices to the right customer.

To learn more about the VerifyAQ product, click here

About GrayHair Software

GrayHair is the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and printers in the country. GrayHair solutions deliver insights and decision-ready business intelligence that enable its clients to define best mailing practices, enhance customer engagement, increase response rates, and decrease cost per acquisition.  With GrayHair, mailers gain the guidance and confidence of 200+ years of collective postal experience and an ally with an understanding of the postal industry’s nuances. GrayHair is the advantage for marketing agencies, mail service providers, and mailers in the finance, insurance, retail, non-profit, and utilities industries. For information, visit www.GrayHairSoftware.com

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