Customers who have already been issued invitation codes will still be able to use their codes to access the Enterprise Payment System (EPS). Customers who requested an invitation code from PostalOne!® Help Desk and have not received a code will still be granted their requested codes to access EPS.

To request access, customers should go to the Business Customer Gateway, the BSA selects “Get Access” on the Enterprise Payment System tab, triggering a notice to the USPS® to approve the request. Following this, the status displays as “Pending Help Desk.”

When the request is approved, the BSA receives an email noting the approval and the “Pending Help Desk” status is replaced with “Go To Service.” The current adoption rate for eligible permits is 53%. The USPS will be intensifying outreach efforts to get eligible permits converted from the legacy CAPS System to EPS.

Visit the PostalPro site for more information on the EPS.

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