After receiving close to 4,700 comments and additional feedback from MTAC associations, the Postal Service has decided not to change Marketing Mail™ letters and flats requirements.

Last August, the Postal Service issued Advance Federal Register Notice (AFRN) 2018-18105. The notice asked for industry feedback on potential changes to Marketing Mail letters and flats requirements. More specifically, the Postal Service wanted to know the potential impact of limiting Marketing Mail to paper-based, non-merchandise content.

The nearly 4,700 comments came from businesses such as printers, mail service providers, marketing services, and magazine publishers. In addition, mailing associations, non-profit organizations, elected officials, and even citizens provided comments. As a result, the Postal Service issued an Industry Alert stating it has decided there will be no changes to the requirements and no new restrictions based on the content of the mailpiece or if the there is non-paper material in the mailpiece (such as a plastic card).

MTAC Task Team #27 was created to help the Postal Service review the comments and to determine the next steps.

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