In case you missed it, the deadline for the Idealliance 2018 Mail Industry Survey is March 31, 2018.

Idealliance is a global industry association representing the visual communications industry, comprised of content and media creators, and their print and digital service providers, material suppliers and technology partners. GrayHair is a proud member and supporter of Idealliance.

Idealliance invites all members of the mail supply chain, from mail owners to equipment and technology partners, to add their voice to this important research program. The results of the survey help shape Idealliance’s industry-USPS® advocacy and programs.

“Idealliance works on many fronts to advance successful Industry-USPS communication and collaboration, and the information we receive from our annual mail survey enables us to focus our resources and efforts on those areas that are most important to everyone in the mail supply chain,” says Steve Colella, Vice President of Postal Affairs, The Calmark Group, and Idealliance Postal Operations &amp Technologies Council Co-Chair. To take the survey, click here.

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