A leading direct marketing agency was faced with a challenge: it had an outdated mailing list and high expenses related to its constant stream of undeliverable mail. The agency was also concerned that it was losing out on business opportunities.

The solution? GrayHair’s Address Hygiene Services. GrayHair helps mailers improve the quality of their addresses and cut the high cost of mailing.

Outdated addresses increase paper and postage costs. They also keep mailers from staying Move Update compliant and from getting USPS® discounts. GrayHair’s USPS Address Hygiene service uses CASSTM, NCOA, and leverages ACSTM across business units to help mailers improve the quality of their addresses.

The details on how we helped this leading direct marketing agency substantially improve the quality of its mailing list are available in our new case study. By working with GrayHair, the agency received an outstanding 4% Nixie hit rate and a COA hit rate of 1.5%. We processed a job of 100 million records for the agency and the impact of our work resulted in $2,227,500 in savings for the agency. Other benefits the agency received by working with GrayHair are discussed in the case study.

GrayHair uses the most trusted forms of address hygiene to help mailers stay compliant and to cut even more costs out of their operational budgets. To read the case study and to learn how GrayHair can help your organization, click here.

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