Every year, mailers have the ability to take advantage of various USPS promotions, which provide mailers with discounts and incentives to make use of new and innovative business technologies, such as color transpromo, direct mail starter and tactile, sensory and interactive mailpiece engagement. What’s being offered in 2018? Nothing.

2018 doesn’t bring the same opportunity for mailers to participate in promotions. So what does this have to do with a Board of Governors? The USPS cannot launch any new 2018 promotions without the guidance and approval of a Board of Governors (BOG) even though they have them ready and are ready to seek approval to implement. Appointing Board members is the responsibility of the current Administration and Congress, not the USPS. This lack of a BOG not only affects the USPS but also many First Class™ and Marketing Mail® mailers due to most 2018 budgets having been determined prior to the announcement that there would be no 2018 promotions. These budgets included budgeting for the anticipated, now nonexistent, incentives. This will mean changes in the ROI for mailers and service providers who have made investments in technology where now they will realize no payback. It is expected to have an effect on mail volumes.

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